BREAKING: Foreign Country Admits to Financing 20% of Hillary’s Campaign


The Democrats are shameless. While literally creating crimes against Trump out of thin air, they ignore the corruption and impropriety that their candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton, is guilty of. Can you imagine the hysteria that would be taking place if Trump announced that one in every 5 dollars his campaign took in came from one foreign government?

Entrapped by the ecstasies of a false scandal that has received a fresh supply of false circumstantial ‘evidence,’ the Left is playing with a dangerous game of hypocrisy that WILL consume them in the end.

For the last few days, Donald Trump Jr. has been the target of a rabidly anti-Trump press over his transparent disclosure of emails with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Every synonym for a conspiracy has been used and the empty-headed pundits have turned to exaggerating what has traditionally been common procedure as an unprecedented act of subterfuge.

If it is illegal to speak with anyone from another country then, as Rush Limbaugh said yesterday, then someone better start investigating and arresting the Clintons, who have actually broken the law.

Zero Hedge ran an article in 2016 in which it is shown that “Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman…has provided 20 percent of the total funding to the prospective Democratic candidate’s [Hillary’s] campaign.”

Coming from a deeply misogynist country, one cannot help but come to the conclusion that the Saudi’s saw their $40 to $50 million dollars of influence as garnering a payoff big enough to overlook their support a woman for president, the same gender that is not even allowed to drive a car in the Bedouin nation.

Trump Jr.’s handful of exchanged emails are a symptom of a diplomatic game that all world players participate in, but Hillary’s naked willingness in allowing a foreign player to have such a direct influence on her campaign IS CRIMINAL.

The media’s insistence on focusing on the former in ignorance of the latter is a clear cut case of propaganda and of the Orwellian world they have subjected us to.

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