BREAKING: Top-Ranking General Appointed By Obama Commits Treason


General Walter Sherman-White, Barack Obama’s appointee for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for both of his terms, has been exposed not only a sympathizer with Islamic causes but as a traitor and a spy who fed the highest levels of intelligence to ISIS and to al Qaeda before them.

The General’s own carelessness exposed the ruse after he left for a conference of retired military commanders in Versailles and left his encrypted email open and accessible. His assistant went to turn off his desktop and saw emails with headings that included keywords like “infidels” and “jihad.” Not knowing if they were some kind of threat and not being able to contact Sherman-Smith, she followed proper military protocol and sent the matter up the ladder to the Pentagon.

That was where it was discovered that Walter Sherman-Smith is, in fact, a traitor to the United States and a Muslim. His crimes are so severe that the only thing that stands between him and a hangman’s noose is a signed confession. Maybe he’s ready to die for his Moon God, who knows.

The next thing that needs to be considered is how much did Obama know? We all know he’s a secret Muslim whose agenda is to ruin the United States and globalize it under Islam. Hopefully Trey Gowdy will consider looking into the matter.


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