As Hillary Clinton Continues Her Pity-Party Book Tour, Greg Gutfeld Just Exposed Her For Who She Really is


Hillary Clinton has been on every late-night and daytime TV show in the past few weeks, blaming her election loss on everybody but herself. She does nothing but feel sorry for herself and trash President Trump. Her most recent criticism is that he’s just “golfing and tweeting” instead of working. Has she been living under a rock?!?!

Greg Gutfeld heard this ridiculous claim and EXPOSED her lies yesterday in a segment that is going viral. He pointed out the irony that the Woman who is ignoring national tragedies to promote her awful book has the nerve to say Trump isn’t working hard as President. But he didn’t stop there. Gutfeld said Hillary is like a “drunk neighbor in your front yard” that just won’t go away. (Video Below)

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H/T subjectpolitics

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